Wildlife On and Around the Park

Wildlife at Black Mountain Camping and Caravan Park
Wildlife at Black Mountain Camping and Caravan Park
Wildlife at Black Mountain Camping and Caravan Park
Wildlife at Black Mountain Camping and Caravan Park

The park has little formal planting out. Hedgerows are left to naturally to encourage the local wildlife and birds; an abundance of species have made their home on the site and in the local area.


A brown hare is to be seen regularly on the site by those who rise early. As it zips up the camping field and down into the main park, it can be distinguished from the rabbits by its long back legs and tall ears, zigzagging as it runs across the fields.


Badgers appear to have a run up the lane towards the first cattle grid (as you drive away from the site) and are often seen in the area of the Glasfynydd carpark at the second cattle grid either in the wooded area or rooting around the tree stumps on the other side of the lane . We have only seen the badgers ourselves very late at night/early hours of the morning so take a flask and a torch and happy badger spotting.

Flowers and Fruit

The hedgerows are abundant with flowers and even wild strawberries if you search hard. Bluebells, primroses and snowdrops look pretty in the spring and are seen all along the lanes, the late summer/autumn is a riot of colour with the heather, berries, fungi and leaves changing colour. The flowers in the spring and summer attract the butterflies and bees of which you see many. In the autumn the hedges are laden with cobnuts but you have to be quick to beat the local squirrels.

Red Kites and Buzzards

The site is a fabulous area for birds with a Red Kite feeding station in a neighbouring field. This guarantees you will see the Red Kites during your stay – They are fed 2pm winter/3pm summer and you will see them and the Buzzards flying around over the site into the evening as they fight for the pieces of meat. The Kites look particularly stunning against a dramatic skyline with the sun shining on them picking out the colours. Red Kites and Buzzards are often seen sat on the telegraph posts along the lanes.

Beautiful Birds

As well as the Red Kites and buzzards, the locality is renowned for Sparrowhawks, Goshawk, Merlins, Kestrels, Ravens, Osprey (overwinter), Curlews, Woodcock, Nightjar, Cuckoos, Barn owls, Little owls, Warblers and Crossbills – making a stay at the Black Mountain Caravna and Camping Park a dream come true for any birdwatcher.

Woodpeckers visit daily to the abundant bird feeders as do the various Finches, Bluetits, Nuthatches, Sparrows, Robins and other birds too numerous to list. Many regular visitors staying in our static caravans bring fat balls to hang out to attract the birds close to the vans. The birdsong is beautiful, particularly early in the morning and in the spring/early summer, at the moment there appears to be no decline. The familiar call of the cuckoo is also heard regularly.

In the evening watch the swifts and swallows flit above the trees, along with bats on their search for insects. Owls are seen and heard from our camping field as they sit in the huge pine trees. If you are driving late at night look out for barn owls sitting on the fence posts as you come towards the reservoir.


We have had reports from very happy holiday makers who have reported seeing otters along the river at the common at Llangadog (approx 15min drive from the site)

Wild Ponies

The ponies are left on the mountain and roam the common land between the 2 cattle grids, in the spring there are foals and we urge holiday makers to keep their dogs on leads.


This is a sheep farming community and the sheep are left out on the mountain and common land after the lambing until the Autumn. The farmers regularly round them up and herd them on and off the mountain to the farms for various reasons so we ask drivers to be wary of going round blind bends and to be patient if sheep are being moved and don’t use the horn. In lambing season lambs can be seen in all fields surrounding the site and again we request that dogs are kept under tight control and drivers are wary, as lambs become bold and inquisitive and like to wander off down the lanes, they have no road sense as the car separates them from the ewes.

In the Water

The streams are very clear and depending on the time of year you can see fish, frogs and tadpoles . In the autumn the fish can be quite large and you see them jumping to get over the rocks.

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